The 25 Most Popular Metal Bands in 2024 (According to Spotify)

The 25 Most Popular Metal Bands Right Now According To Spotify

The 25 Most Popular Metal Bands in 2024 (According to Spotify)
The 25 Most Popular Metal Bands Right Now (Cover)

Metal is typically known as a pretty niche genre with many artists never breaking into the mainstream music scene but rock and metal is growing to be more popular than ever before! Here are some of the most popular metal bands according to Spotify Monthly Listeners.

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Honorable Mention: Sleep Token - 3.3 million

Genre: Progressive Metal/Alternative

Sleep Token's unique sound that mixes metal with elements of pop, R&B, trap, and more has captivated rock and metal fans across the globe. Sleep Token's album "Take Me Back To Eden" was even the most streamed metal album throughout all of 2023. After skyrocketing in 2023, Sleep Token is one of the most talked about metal bands in modern rock/metal news.


25: Motionless in White - 3.8 million

Genre: Metalcore

Scranton, Pennsylvania's Metalcore act has grown to a force to be reckoned with. Motionless in White mixes extreme metal elements with incredibly catchy vocal hooks and modern electronic elements.


24: TOOL - 4.3 million

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal

Leaders of the progressive music scene, Tool encapsulates a technical sound with psychedelic/stoner influences. With some of the weirdest music videos in the business, Tool creates a distinct imagery and atmosphere alongside the band's music that has created a large following.


23: Judas Priest - 4.9 million

Genre: Heavy Metal

The British metal act Judas Priest emerged as an early and very influential band in the late 70's/early 80's. Creating the "leather and studs" aesthetic that many rock and metal fans still emulate to this day, Judas Priest has had a lasting impact on the rock and metal scene.


22: Megadeth - 4.93 million

Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal

One of the "Big Four" (Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica), the 1983 Los Angeles act, was one of the 4 bands who really popularized and revolutionized specifically thrash but also heavy metal in general. Their biggest hit to date is "Symphony Of Destruction" and Megadeth still is one of today's biggest classic metal bands.

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21: Godsmack - 5 million

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

Godsmack has had a long and successful career with 3 consecutive albums reaching number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. With a classic metal sound that mixes electronic and tribal elements, Godsmack has created a very distinct sound that has found incredible success.

Sonic Perspectives

20: A Day To Remember - 5.1 million

Genre: Metalcore/Pop Punk

A Day To Remember mixes Pop Punk and Metalcore, with explosive breakdowns and pop-influenced choruses. Mixing a bright rock sound with extreme metal elements, ADTR has built one of the biggest followings in metalcore, with one of the most iconic breakdowns of all time in "Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End"


19: Bad Omens - 5.6 million

Genre: Post-hardcore/Metalcore

With the release of Bad Omen's latest album "The Death Of Peace Of Mind" in 2022, the band skyrocketed in popularity specifically with their song "Just Pretend" going viral on TikTok. After garnering a widespread audience of fans, Bad Omens is one of the biggest modern metalcore acts and is selling out shows left and right. Their latest release "V.A.N" features pop-gone-metal artist Poppy.


18: Pantera - 5.7 million

Genre: Heavy Metal

Forming out of Texas in 1981, Pantera has proved to be one of the most influential metal bands in history, paving a path and inspiring many metal bands that are around today. Pantera's classic heavy metal and thrash sound is still hugely popular today. With tracks like "Walk" and "Domination", Pantera has certainly created a lasting legacy.


17: Slayer - 5.8 million

Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal

Another widely influential act starting in 1981, Slayer has become a name so big that it has become a sort of meme in the metal community. Slayer revolutionized thrash with classic tracks like "Raining Blood" and "South Of Heaven" and epic guitar riffs that inspired the next generation of musicians. With the band recently reuniting and announcing shows, it's an exciting time for Slayer fans.


16: Falling In Reverse - 6.7 million

Genre: Metalcore

Formed by singer, Ronnie Radke in 2008 from inside a prison cell, Falling In Reverse was originally named "From Behind These Walls". Starting out with an Emo/Scene sound that fans loved, Falling In Reverse evolved into a Metalcore act that blew up in popularity, particularly with the single "Popular Monster". Rooted in controversy and often in the media spotlight, whatever your opinions are on Falling In Reverse, there's no denying they are one of the biggest metal bands out there right now.

Sonic Perspectives

15: Five Finger Death Punch - 6.78 million

Genre: Heavy Metal

Merging the lines between hard rock and heavy metal, Five Finger Death Punch is one of the most successful bands of the last ten years with the majority of their albums reaching gold and platinum sales. With a sound that appeals to metal fans and rock fans, Five Finger Death Punch has grown a large and mainstream audience.

Wall Paper Cave

14: Alice In Chains - 7.5 million

Genre: Grunge/Alternative Metal

Mixing grunge, sludge, and an alternative metal sound, Alice In Chains is another classic rock/metal band that inspired new generations of music. Using heavy-hitting guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies, Alice In Chains introduced many people to heavier rock and metal. With songs like "Would?" and "Man in the Box" being timeless classics, Alice In Chains has earned a slot as one of the biggest metal bands.

Louder Sound

13: Iron Maiden - 7.8 million

Genre: Heavy Metal

Created in 1975, Iron Maiden has a classic heavy metal sound with elements of thrash and early power metal. As one of the earliest forming bands on this list, Iron Maiden was one of the pioneers of heavy metal in the UK and helped spread the early influences of metal. With a massive discography spanning decades, Iron Maiden is a name that is revered and legendary.

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12: Avenged Sevenfold - 9.9 million

Genre: Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal

Starting with an early metalcore style, Avenged Sevenfold eventually refined their sound into more of a heavy metal sound with hard rock elements. In recent years Avenged Sevenfold has moved yet again towards a progressive and experimental sound. With their latest album "Life Is But a Dream..." the band delves into a newer sound with ballads, electronic influences, folk instrumentals, and more alongside a diverse rock and metal sound. Avenged Sevenfold is no stranger to change and with such a variety of sound, the band has found success across multiple genres.

Revolver Mag

11: Deftones - 11 million

Genre: Hard Rock/Alternative Metal

With well-constructed ambient atmospheres and an experimental sound, Deftones has bridged mainstream rock with an alternative metal sound in a way that has attracted fans of many types of music. Deftones utilizes longer tracks that feature powerful atmospheric soundscapes and vibey sections followed by dark rock/metal sections, all held together by catchy vocal hooks. Late 90's/early 2000's hits like "My Own Summer (Shove It)" and "Change (In The House of Flies" put Deftones on the mainstream radar.

All About The Rock

10: Korn - 11.2 million

Genre: Nu Metal/Alternative Metal

Originating in California in 1993, Korn popularized nu metal with a distinct sound that features at times, disturbing lyrics, electronic elements, and even inspiration from hip-hop and rap music. Featuring DJ and electronica elements in their music, Korn has even collaborated with major dubstep artists like Excision and Skrillex. Creating a unique blend of nu metal, alternative metal, and electronic music, Korn is one of the most distinct metal bands ever.


9: Rammstein - 11.7 million

Genre: German Neue Deutsche Härte/Industrial Metal

Hailing from Germany, Rammstein brings a unique blend of German industrial metal. Known for incorporating German lyrics, industrial elements, and synth and electronic effects into their music, Rammstein has an instantly recognizable sound. With one of the most memorable live shows, Rammstein is known for using unparalleled amounts of fire, elaborate mechanical contraptions, and building dramatic sets for every show.


8: Disturbed - 12.6 million

Genre: Nu Metal/Heavy Metal

Starting in 1994, Disturbed created a heavy metal sound with nu metal influences such as rapping-style vocals. Their hit song "Down with the Sickness" launched the band into the mainstream spotlight. Known for their aggressive style and David Draiman's distinct vocal sound, Disturbed has solidified their status as one of the most successful and enduring acts in modern metal.

Metal Injection

7: Slipknot - 13.5 million

Genre: Nu Metal/Heavy Metal

Des Moines, Iowa Nu Metal giants, Slipknot, released their debut self-titled album in 1999 which launched the band into massive popularity. With an unforgettable masked appearance, violent sound, and live shows with unrivaled energy, Slipknot is one of the most recognizable metal bands in history and has served as an inspiration to generations of bands.

Metal Injection

6: Bring Me The Horizon - 13.6 million

Genre: Metalcore/Alt Rock

Bring Me The Horizon started with deathcore and metalcore albums and a brutal sound. Over the years the band has changed their sound to a softer alternative style that blends metalcore, mainstream rock, pop, and electronic elements. With emo undertones, Bring Me The Horizon has grown into one of the biggest metalcore bands of all time and created a sound that transcends genres, with something for every type of listener.


5: Black Sabbath - 15 million

Genre: Heavy Metal

Forming in 1968 and considered by many to be the creators of metal as a whole, there is no doubt that Black Sabbath popularized metal and created a sound that has evolved into modern heavy metal. Possibly the most influential metal band of all time, Black Sabbath created perpetual classics like "Paranoid" which has amassed over 1 Billion streams on Spotify alone. Black Sabbath will forever live on as an iconic name in the metal industry.


4: Limp Bizkit - 15.5 million

Genre: Nu Metal/Rap-Rock

Born in Florida in 1994 Limp Bizkit has a contagious rebellious energy that attracts fans of rap, rock, and nu metal. Known for Fred Dursts distinct vocal style and heavy-hitting experimental guitar riffage, Limp Bizkit has reached huge mainstream relevance. Frequently caught up in controversy, Limp Bizkit is the poster child of Rap Rock.


3: System Of A Down - 19.3 million

Genre: Heavy Metal/Nu Metal

System Of A Down started in 1994 in California and their unique and at times chaotically energetic sound sets them apart from many other metal acts. With an innovative progressive sound, System of A Down is known for their politically charged lyrics addressing social issues as well as unconventional song structures. All members are of Armenian descent and mix in elements from Armenian folk music, adding a diverse range of influences to the band.


2: Metallica - 25.2 million

Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash

Formed in 1981, Metallica is now a household name and the act has grown to be one of the most iconic metal bands of all time. Metallica started with a thrash sound that featured racing tempos, technical instrumentals, and screaming/singing vocals. "Master of Puppets" launched the band into critical acclaim with the band's early sound being a cutting-edge evolution of thrash and classic metal.

As the band grew and changed, Metallica also mixed in acoustic tracks and addictively catchy vocal hooks, such as "Nothing Else Matters". Through a variety of musical styles, Metallica has become a contender for the biggest rock/metal band of all time.

Run The Trap

1: Linkin Park - 40.5 million

Genre: Nu Metal/Alt Rock

Nearly doubling in Spotify Monthly listeners since 2022, Linkin Park has become the biggest metal band on Spotify to date. Starting in 1996, Linkin Park broke into popularity with their 2000 album "Hybrid Theory". Masterfully blending electronic elements, alternative rock and metal, rapping vocals, and pop-rock choruses, Linkin Park has inspired countless modern metal bands.

In 2017, lead vocalist Chester Bennington unfortunately passed away, marking the end of an era. Linkin Park's emotional music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide and Chester's legacy lives on through the music and the rest of the band. Linkin Park recently released 2 singles, "Lost" and "Friendly Fire" that were written and recorded before the passing of Chester Bennington. Fans around the world connect with Linkin Park's deeply emotional lyrics and message and this has cemented them in history as one of the most successful rock/metal bands.

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