Song Review | “Abuso” - The Phoenix Within”

Song Review | “Abuso” - The Phoenix Within”
The Phoenix Within - Cover

Reigning from Queens, New York, The Phoenix Within released their latest single "Abuso" on January 10th. The song starts off with bright guitar melodies, thumping bass lines, and energetic drum work. Gentle singing is introduced as guitars ring out, and clean guitar strumming fills in the atmosphere behind mellow vocals. With an explosive transition, The Phoenix Within launches into a powerful anthemic chorus filled with catchy vocal hooks and dynamic instrumentals.

The Phoenix Within mixes a progressive metal sound with a diverse hard/alternative rock style. After a raw scream, "Abuso" launches into a soaring guitar solo layered over bright guitar chord progressions. The song fades out with a heavy-hitting riff section that brings back the screaming from earlier in the track, ending the song on a particularly intense note. The Phoenix Within rides the line between rock and metal and utilizes elements from both genres that will attract fans of both. You can stream "Abuso" out everywhere now!

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