Album Review | “Age of Atrocities” - Devine Defilement

Album Review | “Age of Atrocities” - Devine Defilement
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Track List

  1. Summoning
  2. The Wolf of Bedburg
  3. Byzantine Bleeding
  4. Malformed grin
  5. Labyrinth of Disfigurement
  6. All Rise
  7. S.C.U
  8. Betrothed to Blasphemy
  9. Embedded in Filth
  10. Wraith
  11. Sic


Hailing from Iceland, Devine Defilement released their 11-track album, "Age of Atrocities" on February 2nd, 2024. The 30-minute studio album starts with "Summoning" a short intro track filled with horror samples before seamlessly launching into the first musical track "The Wolf of Bedburg". Devine Defilement wastes no time, diving directly into slamming death metal grooves, explosive guitar tones, and brutally low growls. Racing blast beats, double bass drumming and impactful cymbal hits create the backbone for ominous guitar riffage and layered extreme vocals.

"Byzantine Binding" starts with a sample similar to the one that introduced the album, before jumping into crushing instrumentals that kick off with a powerful "GO". In an unexpectedly soon breakdown, Devine Defilement utilizes down-tuned guitars, guttural, and contrasted tempos to create a devastatingly heavy and dramatic atmosphere. Excellently mixing the feel of classic death metal with more modern production and songwriting, Devine Defilement creates a sound based in nostalgia while still staying fresh and exciting.

"Malformed grin" introduces itself with racing blast beats and tremolo-picking, showing thrash/black metal influences. The song's speeding tempo creates a rapid dynamic that is soon disrupted to create a powerful sense of juxtaposition as tempos change. The faster pace of "Malformed grin" makes the song's intense breakdowns that much more dramatic. High whistling vocals show the band's diverse vocal range and display an impressive variety of extreme vocal techniques.

"Labyrinth of Disfigurement" is the longest track of the album, clocking in at 4 and a half minutes. Devine Defilement goes from drawn-out guitar chords and screams to lightning-paced thrashing beats and impossibly low growls in a short time frame, creating a sense of changing dynamics. Screeching pinch harmonics and booming bass drops create memorable moments that soon transform into groovy yet undeniably destructive breakdowns.

"All Rise" is a short interlude that creates an ambient and sinister atmosphere that builds a sense of unease in the listener before leading into the next song.

"S.C.U" picks up where the album left off, continuing Devine Defilement's brutal onslaught of death metal. Technical riffage creates a heavy-hitting instrumental atmosphere while devastating vocals are the icing on top of the proverbial cake, except this cake is filled with death and brutality. Devine Defilement utilizes intense whistling screams that seem almost inhuman, to create a lasting outro to the song.

"Betrothing Blasphemy" throws the listener into the midst of a slamming guitar groove before dropping into an earth-shattering breakdown. Devine Defilement creates something for every type of extreme metal fan, blending elements from classic death metal, technical death metal, black metal, and thrash, to form their own distinctly intense brand of metal. "Betrothing Blasphemy" even debuts a unique snarling vocal technique that reminds us of techniques used in genres like grindcore.

"Embedded in Filth" showcases layered screaming and speeding riffs before slowing down into volatile guitar chugs. Impossibly fast double bass drumming soon changes into groovy drum beats and comical moments about croissants? Devine Defilement shows no fear of the experimental and the band shows personality, humor, and creativity throughout "Embedded in Filth".

Track 10, "Wraith" blasts into existence with a technical drum fill and emphasized moments that really allow the complexity of the drums to shine through. Devine Defilement uses booming drum tones to create a groovy and rhythmic percussive essence behind harsh vocals and powerful guitar shreddage. Tapping guitar leads and soaring solos add elements of melody that layer over top of the band's death metal destruction.

The final song of the album "Sic" is a cover of Slipknot's track "(sic)". Devine Defilement takes a classic track and gives it a brutal death metal makeover, taking an unhinged song and making it even more intense with more extreme vocals and slamming riffs. We love to see Devine Defilement paying homage to their inspirations and roots with "Sic".

Overall, "Age of Atrocities" is a wildly heavy album that displays Devine Defilement's raw intensity and attractive groovy death metal sound. Fans of extreme metal genres will certainly enjoy Devine Defilement's unique musical style. You can stream "Age of Atrocities" out on all streaming platforms now!

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