Album Review | “Almost Worth It” - LAKESICK

Album Review | “Almost Worth It” - LAKESICK


  1. Time Off Request
  2. Evergreen
  3. About The Losers
  4. Honestly (Get Over It)
  5. Left and Right
  6. Young Luck
  7. Believe It, Kid
  8. Sorry About That
  9. Mother’s Day Song
  10. Almost Worth It

Pop-punk solo project, LAKESICK, released their album “Almost Worth It” in September of 2023. The 10-track LP with a runtime of 31 minutes starts off with “Time Off Request”. With a bright sound filled with melodic guitar chords and powerful singing vocals, LAKESICK displays a dynamic sound mixing rock and an energetic pop-punk sound. “Time Off Request” even features a female vocalist, adding a sense of variety in the vocals and a new element in the track with female vocals layering in the background in the song’s anthemic chorus.

“Evergreen” introduces itself with panning guitar melodies before building guitar chords join alongside passionate singing. With a nostalgic yet distinctly modern sound, LAKESICK brings back the feel of a classic 2000’s pop-punk sound in a new and fresh take on the genre with their own unique style. Rebellious and emotional energy fills the albums atmosphere, creating a powerful feeling in the listener.

“About The Losers” starts with melancholy guitar riffage and mellow singing that transitions into an uplifting and catchy chorus. Layering multiple vocal tracks, creating a symphony of singing, LAKESICK displays an expertly-crafted atmosphere that is filled and left with deliberate emptiness creating strong senses of contrast and impact between sections.

“Honestly (Get Over It)” begins with a hip-hop style intro that quickly is overpowered by guitar and pop-punk vocals. High guitar leads and soaring vocals are backed by powerful guitar chords, creating a full atmosphere based heavily in melody. The song features a catchy descending vocal hook for the chorus and the final chorus slowly fades out with a guitar outro.

“Left and Right” blasts off with a drum fill before launching into rapid tempo singing and guitar leads. LAKESICK transitions into a classic pop-punk style chorus brimming with electrifying energy. LAKESICK does an excellent job of bringing a nostalgic sound back with a fresh sound.

“Young Luck” utilizes gentle guitar melodies and lofi drums in the background that build up alongside singing before launching into a full drum kit and a dynamic chorus. “Young Luck” takes the place of a more mellow and relaxed song that splits up the album with a varied sound.

The 7th track “Believe It, Kid” starts off with a bright sound and takes the theme of a punk-styled love song. Picking up the pace, “Believe It, Kid” features a catchy chorus and a fast rock-pacing. LAKESICK does an excellent job throughout the album of creating powerful, vocal-based choruses and vocal hooks.

“Sorry About That” starts with a mellow atmosphere before picking up the energy with bumping bass, driving guitar, and singing that soon launches into unexpected rap-singing that is a completely new sound for the album. A singing build-up transitions into a final chorus before gradually fading out with a guitar outro.

“Mother’s Day Song” starts with a symphony of vocals before bursting into guitar and distinct singing. LAKESICK shows a side of sarcastic humor in a classic punk-rock fashion with this track, creating a catchy yet equally funny song.

The final song is the title track “Almost Worth It”. LAKESICK introduces trap beats and distant synths before switching over to a full drum kit and dynamic guitar. With a high sense of energy, LAKESICK creates a powerful, stadium-ready chorus that is undeniably catchy. In a bridge, head-voice singing joins alongside trap beats before melding into a final chorus. In a finale of epic proportion, LAKESICK jumps into explosive double bass beats, and sliding guitar distortion that fades out the album.

Overall, LAKESICK creates a nostalgic and attractive classic pop-punk/pop rock fused sound that fans of these genres will definitely enjoy. Overflowing with energy, melody, and dynamics, LAKESICK’s album “Almost Worth It” is out everywhere for your streaming pleasure!

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