Song Review | "Beyond the Burning Veil" - Gravethorn

Song Review | "Beyond the Burning Veil" - Gravethorn
Spotify Cover: Gravethorn

Las Vegas-based blackened death metal solo project, Gravethorn, released their debut album, "Underground Rituals of Those Unseen" on June 13th. The LP's first track "Beyond the Burning Veil" starts with a guitar riff that is quickly joined by rapid drumming, tremolo picking, and extreme vocal screams. Gravethorn keeps an energetic pace for the first minute of the song before receding into silence that gently introduces clean guitar and orchestral sounds. This bridge soon leads back into the explosively-paced instrumentals, with high guitar riffs accenting the screaming and consistent drum work.

"Beyond the Burning Veil" comes in just under 5 minutes and takes the listener on a musical journey that blends death metal, black metal, and thrash. Gravethorn does an excellent job of creating an ominous atmosphere through guitar tones, vocal styles, and with the album's imagery. Gravethorn’s overall raw and brutal sound will heavily appeal to fans of classic death metal and black metal, you can stream Gravethorn's debut album, "Underground Rituals of Those Unseen" now!

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