Song Review | "Duality" - Black Market The Band

Song Review | "Duality" - Black Market The Band
Album Cover: Black

Black Market the band is releasing their new track "Duality" on November 11th and we had the pleasure to listen to it early! The track starts with ambient clean guitar that fades into dynamic electric guitar in a screeching burst of energy. The song introduces itself with heavy-hitting guitar riffage and gentle singing vocals that create an almost haunting vocal style. Suddenly "Duality" explodes into intense screams in an unexpected shift of sound, creating a large amount of interest and variety in the structure of the song. Black Market The Band does an excellent job of blending softer, melodic vocals with aggressive guitar tones and introducing screams in short bursts, creating high amounts of contrast between the two different vocal techniques.

Clocking in at 6 minutes, "Duality" halts the action before returning into a bridge that shows off bending guitar leads and a groovy section that forms a diverse atmosphere in juxtaposition to the previous parts of the song. With crashing cymbals and a bass slide, Black Market The Band explodes into a volatile breakdown that is brimming with guitar chugging, screams, and clean vocals. "Duality" flows directly into a guitar solo before fading out the song in an epic finale. Fans of progressive metal, metalcore, and hard rock genres will love Black Market The Band's refined sound! Check out their current music and presave "Duality" on Spotify here!

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