EP Review | "ASIDE" - Bootleggers and Baptists

EP Review | "ASIDE" - Bootleggers and Baptists
Spotify Cover: Bootleggers and Baptists


  1. Shauna
  2. Take Me Home
  3. Body Song
  4. Benny
  5. Devil in a Dress


Bootleggers and Baptists released their 2nd EP, "ASIDE" on October 28th. The blues-influenced rock band hailing from Baltimore Maryland starts off the EP with "Shauna". The 5-minute track starts with thumping bass and lead harmonica riffing. Bright guitar chords introduce the song's vocals, and Bootleggers and Baptists do an excellent job of creating a slight distortion effect on the vocals that gives a classic blues/rock feel to the song while keeping modern production and influences. "Shauna" features powerful vocal hooks, energetic pacing, and epic guitar riffage and starts off the EP powerfully.

"Take Me Home" is a song we've covered previously and in the context with the rest of "ASIDE" it really blends in masterfully with the rest of the EP. "Take Me Home" starts with funky sliding instrumentals and a drum and bass groove that backs up the singing vocals. Bootleggers and Baptists draw a wide sphere of influence from classic rock, folk, and blues. To us, a Primus influence shone through in the band's unique and dynamic sound, especially with the bending and bold instrumental riffs.

Next up is "Body Song" and the transition from the previous track is seamless. Starting off with blues-esque guitar palm-muting and groovy bass, Bootleggers and Baptists display a new sound that still blends well with the rest of the EP. With eccentric vocals and dynamic instrumentals, "Body Song" shows a sense of personality through flutes, wah-wah pedals, and more!

"Benny" starts with gentle guitar chords and an intro that reminds us of a folk/grunge rock-type sound. With an upbeat atmosphere and bright instrumentals, Bootleggers and Baptists lay the groundwork for the story-teller feel of the track. The song has an explosive energy shift when the vocals shift from spoken/sung to powerful screaming before leading into a technical guitar solo.

Leading the EP to a close is "Devil in a Dress". Bending and sliding guitar riffage creates an epic intro that bursts into a heavy-hitting guitar melody and strong vocals. Bootleggers and Baptists create a dynamic and energetic track with "Devil in a Dress" and the song keeps a fast pace filled with catchy vocals and country/folk-influenced guitar. The harmonica is brought back in unison with the guitar to create a satisfying groove before finishing with a soaring harmonica solo. "Devil in a Dress" finishes with a final chorus, ending the song with a powerful finale.

Bootleggers and Baptists release their standout EP, "ASIDE" and the 5 songs will appeal to fans of folk, country, blues, classic rock, and more. You can stream "ASIDE" out now!

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