EP Review | BOZO - Self Titled Debut

EP Review | BOZO - Self Titled Debut


  1. Woo
  2. Woodpecker Lips
  3. Rhubarb


BOZO released their debut self-titled EP in November. The first track, "Woo" starts with a fuzzy, stoner-metal guitar tone, generating a wobbling psychedelic overall sound. In an explosive fashion, screams join alongside heavy-hitting guitar riffage, electric drum work, and thumping bass. "Whoo" introduces a fresh mix of stoner/psychedelic genres with heavy metal genres like thrash and death metal.

"Woodpecker Lips" takes the 2nd spot on the EP and starts with a vocal sample before kicking in with screeching guitar distortion. In a more traditional death metal groove, BOZO utilizes intense guitar chugging, energetic drumming, and reverbed screams to create a powerful extreme metal atmosphere that seems to have a touch of black metal inspiration. With a raw and brutal sound, "Woodpecker Lips" creates a truly dynamic sound that fans of classic metal will truly enjoy.

Closing up the EP, "Rhubarb" wastes no time, starting with rapid-bending guitar notes, aggressive fuzz, and intense screaming. Wobbling guitar leads are backed by distant screams and dynamic instrumentals. Clocking in at just over 3 minutes, "Rhubarb" is the most in-depth track of the EP. With a groove-based stoner metal sound, BOZO cements their distinct sound through their 3-song release "BOZO". Fans of stoner metal, psychedelic rock, and progressive metal genres should definitely check out BOZO. You can stream their music, out now!

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