Song Review | "Capsize" - Verkari

Song Review | "Capsize" - Verkari
Spotify Cover: Verkari

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Verkari released their debut single, "Capsize" on July 30th! With an electronic screech and aggressive screams, "Capsize" introduces itself with an agressive sound. Destructive riffage, dynamic drums and brutal screams and growls set the mood for the song. Verkari transitions to a metalcore chorus with energetic instrumental chords and melodic singing, making the contrast between the heavy verses and catchy choruses stand out. After the first chorus "Capsize" sneaks in a trap beat and some 808's behind the heavy sound, adding to the atmosphere and showing creative implementations.

After a second chorus that hooks the listener, the trap beat is brought back along with spoken vocals in a bridge that builds up for an intense breakdown. Chugging, djent-like instrumentals and a brutal tempo create a crushing breakdown. The song leads into a singing outro with a strong singing melody that is backed by screams. Verkari shows an impressive debut that will leave listeners excited to hear more from the band and its fresh sound. Fans of metalcore and deathcore will love "Capsize"! You can stream Verkari's first single now.

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