Song Review | Choke By ACID MASS

Song Review | Choke By ACID MASS
Spotify: ACID MASS

One-man project ACID MASS just released their 2nd single, "Choke". The track starts off with a hard-hitting riff before launching into blast beats and raw-sounding black metal-reminiscent vocals. With aggressive screamed vocals along with fast guitar and drums, the song keeps a high level of energy. "Choke" goes into an awesome guitar solo that fades back into a thrash-style riff. This 2-minute song is filled with intensity and maintains a similar sound throughout the track. ACID MASS creates a signature sound that seems to mix black metal, thrash, and possibly elements of industrial metal into their own blend of sound. With an overall ominous and dark feeling to the instrumentals, a specific mood is created with the song that remains for the entirety of it. Fans of black metal and thrash will certainly enjoy ACID MASS.

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