Circle the Wolves Leaves for Tour | Setlist Review

Circle the Wolves Leaves for Tour | Setlist Review
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Canadian female fronted metal band, Circle the Wolves is leaving for the start of their tour today. For info on where to see them check out their website here.


Runtime: Around 1.25 Hours

Songs: Existence - 3:54 | Unwanted - 3:31 | State of Mind - 4:09 | 2000 Pieces - 4:32 | Goodbye - 3:01 | Coronation - 3:15 | Simple - 3:53 | Let it all go - 3:32 | Grenade - 3:19 | Faith - 4:30 | Begin Again - 3:08 | Courage - 3:34 | Time 2 - 2:51 | Easy on me - 3:58 | Eyes Closed - 4:39 | chandelier - 3:34 | Ending - 3:58

Setlist Review

Circle the Wolves intro song "Existence" is a well-blended mix of melody and heavy metal. Powerful female vocals are layered over distorted guitar and booming drums. Reverb on the vocals creates a very full atmosphere and an almost haunting effect to the style. Gentle acoustic guitar is used at points of the song to slow down the song and build on variation.

"Unwanted" is a strong song with sad lyrics that does an excellent job of creating a feeling and sticking to it. Circle the Wolves creates a strong mood that many listeners can relate to.

The 3rd song of the Set, "State of Mind" starts with a bright synth that kicks into full instrumentals. The synth comes back during the pre-chorus to accentuate the calmer vocals and build up for the emotional and fierce chorus. The song packs in an intricate guitar solo before heading to the last chorus, finally fading out with guitar chugs.

"2000 Pieces" begins with a 1-minute acoustic intro that leads into all of the instrumentals kicking in. The song has a cleaner vibe with acoustic guitar, piano, and even orchestral strings. The song shows the softer side of Circle the Wolves very well.

The next song, "Goodbye" follows in the same slower style as the song before it. This track has an epic buildup using gentle piano, clean guitar, ambient synths, and even choir effects.

With "Coronation" Circle the Wolves starts to pick up the energy again, with guitar chugging and overall heavier instrumentals. The song has a classic metal feel with modern elements such as synths.

"Simple" speeds up the tempo, keeping the set varied and adding a big, dynamic change to the overall speed.

"let it all go" features some really cool vocal harmonies that go to create a whole new feel to the vocal style.

Starting with a fast, almost thrash-like tempo, "Grenade" is one of the heavier songs on the setlist. With rapid guitar riffs and chugging during the brighter choruses, Circle the Wolves creates an enjoyable sound.

"Eyes Closed" is a song that really stands out, with an ambient and dark synth intro buildup. The song almost blends the lines between rock/metal and elements of pop and even guitar styles that reminded me of reggae at points. "Eyes Closed" uses melodic piano composition behind calm vocals, creating a strong atmosphere.

Circle the Wolves second to last song is a cover of "Chandelier". With soaring vocals and heavy instrumentals, Circle the Wolves make the song their own.

The Final song of the set is, "Ending". The song has fast-paced guitar over heavily affected vocals. The song even mixes is Meshuggah reminiscent chugging at one point. Circle the Wolves moves into another powerful chorus that really helps make the song. "Ending" leads into a clean outro that uses strings, piano, and gentle singing to create an immersive and harmonic atmosphere that excellently ends their set.

Check out their music and if you are in the area, head out to one of their shows! Fans of female-fronted metal bands such as Evanescence will highly enjoy Circle the Wolves!

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