Album Review | Constant State Of Decay - Terrestrial Animal

Album Review | Constant State Of Decay - Terrestrial Animal
Terrestrial Animals: Constant State Of Decay

Track List

  1. Duhkha (Intro)
  2. Law Of Impermanence
  3. Revivification
  4. Path of Equanimity
  5. Atman Within Us
  6. Gateway Terra
  7. Doctrine Of Anatman
  8. Samsara
  9. Sukha

Instrumental powerhouse from North Carolina, Terrestrial Animal, released their 2nd album, "Constant State Of Decay" today (August 25th)! The album's intro track, "Duhkha" is an ambient introduction to the album with a distant heartbeat, chanting, and dreamy keyboard tones. Seamlessly, the first track "Law Of Impermanence" begins with ethereal instrumentation and guitar and bass with heavy delay and reverb effects adding depth to the overall sound. The first track is a lovely groove that is filled with melody and an atmospheric, gentle vibe. In a nearly 9-minute sonic journey, "Law Of Impermanence" builds in energy, adding dynamic electric guitar and more aggressive bending synths. In a sound that seems like a mix of spacey instrumental music, lofi, and psychedelic rock, Terrestrial Animal really displays their distinct sound with a powerful 1st song.

"Revivification" is track number 3 and comes in just over 9 minutes. Starting with chanting and the tolling of a bell, Terrestrial Animal shows off a spiritual yet slightly ominous sound. The band draws influences from bands such as Deftones, Pink Floyd, and even Gojira. In a mix of modern metal, stoner rock, and technical instrumental music, Terrestrial Animal brings a refined sound with "Revivification" that truly makes the listener feel as if they are drifting through space.

"Path Of Equanimity" acts as an interlude and leads perfectly into the album's 5th track, "Atman Within Us". With pitch-shifting synths, funky bass, and melodic guitar riffs, Terrestrial Animal starts off with an immediately catchy sound. "Atman Within Us" takes the listener on a musical journey through excellent grooves and a building atmosphere that becomes progressively more immersive as minutes pass. The song throws in a shredding guitar solo that eventually leads into a gentler portion of the track that eventually fades out.

Track 6, "Gateway Terra" clocks in at 12 minutes, beginning with distant singing that leads into airy keys, distorted guitar tones, and the band's signature bass-heavy tone. Maintaining a steady jam, Terrestrial Animal sticks to the mood set earlier in the song before bursting into a faster and more energetic tempo with upbeat instrumentals. A guitar solo layers itself over the fast pace, with wah pedals creating unique and enjoyable effects.

Next up, "Doctrine of Anatman" takes the place of the 7th track. The 6-minute song has an explosive energy about it, with strong synth tones and bright guitar chords supplying a harmonic atmosphere for Terrestrial Animals sound to thrive in. Fans of instrumental and progressive genres will love the technical and complex instrumentation that the band implements into their music. As "Doctrine of Anatman" nears its end, it gradually slows and fades into the next piece of the album.

"Samsara" is track 8 and starts with a choir and a distorted industrial sound that swiftly shifts into bass, a building drum beat, and ascending choir singing. In a dynamic transition, massive guitar chords brimming with energy join alongside the choir, creating a symphonic amalgamation of sound. The 10-minute track does a great job of using long build-ups to increase the listener's anticipation for when all the elements of the band kick in to form a full sound. These elements are taken away and reintroduced as the song goes on, making the impact of the instruments kicking in much more climactic. Heavy guitar chugging and distorted tones reminiscent of classic metal are introduced to the song and add a fresh sound to the song.

Track 9, "Sukha" is an outra track with gentle singing and strings that creates a well-crafted mood to close out the album. The minimal sound acts as a calm and gradual exit to the album and closes it out perfectly.

"Constant State Of Decay" is an album that any fan of instrumental, psychedelic, and stoner music will enjoy! You can stream the full album now!

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