Song Review | "CREATION" By Bestial

Bestial's sound sticks to their name, almost inhuman, aggressive, and brutal down-tempo heavy metal music.

Song Review | "CREATION" By Bestial

Bestial is a 2-piece band that just released their latest song "Creation". The song starts with some ambient noise that leads into a down-tempo verse with very low tuning chugging. The chugging leads into an explosion into the song where growls and gutturals kick in along with crashing cymbals, ominous guitar chords, and rapid tremolo picking.

The chorus of the song is catchy with the extreme vocals used almost as a percussion instrument. Next, the track goes back into the verse with even more intense chugging than before whispered vocals are used to build up before bursting into a breakdown. The song goes into a groovy riff before a "blegh" throws the listener deep into another breakdown. After this, the track cuts out and ambient noise fills the emptiness before incredibly aggressive chugging is brought back from before but even more aggressive this time around.

"CREATION" next heads back into a final chorus before fading out. Fans of downtempo music and extreme bands like Signs of the Swarm will love Bestial. Their Debut EP came out on March 17th, check it out!

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