Song Review | "Darkside" - Alibis

Song Review | "Darkside" - Alibis
Spotify Cover: Alibis

Hailing from California, Alibis released their debut single, "Darkside" on June 9th. Produced by Diego Ferrera and Co-Produced by Rainy Terrel, the track starts with an electronic melody that kicks in with energetic, heavy guitar tones and metal elements before pulling back into a dramatic verse with an emphasis on strong vocal hooks. With an explosive shift of energy, Alibis launches into a powerful chorus that utilizes dynamic guitar tones, catchy vocal melodies, and technical drum work to create a satisfyingly full atmosphere. "Darkside" takes the form of a vigorous rock song that uses influences from metal, and even genres like rap/pop with beats in the background for much of the song.

Alibis introduce a bridge with acoustic piano and electronic drums that transitions into a creative whisper-scream build-up that uses dissonance to create a sound that is varied from the rest of the song so far. After a fierce finale of a chorus, "Darkside" bursts back into whisper-screams and a dark ambience, ending the song on an interesting and very enjoyable note! Fans of hard rock, metalcore, and songs that blend genres with excellent vocal melodies will certainly enjoy Alibis and their anthemic music. You can stream the band's 2 standout singles, now!

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