Dopeghost Releases New EP, “Bliss Junkie” to Start off 2024

Dopeghost Releases New EP, “Bliss Junkie” to Start off 2024
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Reigning from Springfield, Massachusetts, Dopeghost released their 3-track EP “Bliss Junkie” as individual singles over the course of January and February. After a hiatus since 2020, Dopeghost is back with their most violent sound to date. The band debuts their new blend of hardcore, progressive metal, and more.

The first track “Roses” starts with dramatic choir chants before taking off into heavy-hitting guitar riffage with held-out bending notes. Aggressive screams and growls work together alongside energetic drumming and dynamic instrumentals to create a vivacious track that doesn’t let up. With a scream, the song bursts into an unexpected and intensely brutal hardcore-style breakdown. In a surprising change of sound, Dopeghost leads into haunting, reverb-ridden, distant vocals, creating a powerful yet dark atmosphere that outros the song.

“Bliss Junkie” starts with the band's distinct hardcore-styled guitar riffage and raw screaming before launching into singing vocals that carry a similar vibe to the ones featured at the end of “Roses”. The contrast between singing sections and extreme vocal sections creates a palpable shift of dynamics that makes each part stand out more. “Bliss Junkie” has a particularly catchy chorus which still manages to carry the same vibe of the EP so far, creating an interesting artistic atmosphere to all 3 songs.

“Once Burnt, Twice Shy” starts with bright guitar chords and technical guitar runs alongside screaming before quickly transitioning to clean singing. With aggressive instrumentals but ominous singing vocals, "Once Burnt, Twice Shy" takes a grunge-esque sound that captures a different sound from the previous two songs, yet still fits the sound of the EP. At just under 5 minutes, Dopeghost utilizes multiple vocal styles and instrumental tones to create a variety of sounds. The song has an ambient outro that uses gloomy guitar chords, distorted screeching, and mellow singing to create a strong atmosphere that fades out the EP.

Fans of hardcore, progressive metal, and hard rock will certainly enjoy Dopeghost. You can stream the band's latest 3 songs out now everywhere!

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