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Dynamorphic Media Kit
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Dynamorphic is a solo project founded by singer Nathan Stolle in 2022. Nathan wrote his first song in Middle School, “War of Eternity” and began to take the music seriously as he graduated from Leander High School. 

Dynamorphic hails from Austin, Texas and the modern metal act has left fans excited for upcoming songs.

With releases such as “Reignite the Spark” and “Rise” Nathan displays the band's fresh metal-imbued sound. Bright guitar, rapid metal drumming, and powerful vocal hooks work together to create a dynamic and energetic style that is distinctive of Dynamorphic.

The band’s melodic metal sound delivers a sonic blend of metalcore, alternative rock, and metal subgenres. Dynamorphic creates an intense and attractive sound that utilizes powerful screaming and singing vocals alongside catchy instrumentals that leave you wanting more. Fans of melodic rock and metal will highly enjoy Dismorphic and can look forward to new music from the band!


In Flames, As I Lay Dying, and Bring Me The Horizon - Metalcore, Melodic Metal, Alternative Metal

Streaming: YouTube

Social Media: Instagram