The Story of Electric Callboy - The Dance Metalcore Band

The Story of Electric Callboy - The Dance Metalcore Band
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What Genre is Electric Callboy?

Electric Callboy is an "electronicore" or electronic metalcore band. They have a unique sound that mixes elements from dance/EDM with influences from metalcore and extreme metal genres. With music often filled with synths, low-tuned guitar chugging, and breakdowns, Electric Callboy showcases a diverse stylistic sound.

Electric Callboy began in 2010 and was originally named "Eskimo Callboy". The German-based band had its first lineup change in 2012 when drummer Michael Malitzki was replaced by David-Karl Friedrich. This was the year they released the album "Bury Me in Vegas". Electric Callboy mixes dance music, metalcore, and a humorous, lighthearted style in their own way that really makes them stand out. In 2013 the band performed their debut tour in the U.S. and won the Metal Hammer "Up and Coming" award. Soon after, the 2014 album "We Are the Mess" was released and it was received very highly in Germany and was a success.

In 2020, lead vocalist Sebastian Biesler (2010-2020) left the band and started his own band known as "GHØSTKID". Nico Sallach joined in his wake and is still the current vocalist for Electric Callboy. Later that year the band released their first song with Nico, "Hypa Hypa". This song was the biggest hit of their career at that point and reached number 77 on the GfK Entertainment Charts (the official music charts in Germany). Around this time, I really think Electric Callboy settled into and perfected their sound. Their songs feature huge choruses with unbelievably catchy hooks, nostalgic 90's electronic elements, and intense breakdowns.

In 2022 the band officially changed its name from "Eskimo Callboy" to "Electric Callboy" and released their full-length studio album "TEKKNO". The album has amassed hundreds of millions of streams and found mainstream success. With hit songs like, "Pump It", "We Got the Moves", and "Spaceman", the album is truly a masterpiece that blends multiple genres together seamlessly. Songs like "Spaceman" and "Hurrikan" even pay homage to their German heritage by featuring lyrics in German.

Electric Callboy is known not only for their incredible music but also their music videos with amazing production quality and comical attitudes. Characterized by cinematic yet ridiculous and fun music videos, Electric Callboy is a band that really stands out when lots of songs and music videos are so serious. They are a truly innovative band that has a distinct sound and if you haven't heard of them already, I highly suggest you check them out!

Electric Callboy: We Got the Moves

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