Album Review | “The Distance Between Us” - Field of Giants

Album Review | “The Distance Between Us” - Field of Giants
Field of Giants - The Distance Between Us Cover


  1. The Distance Between Us All
  2. Transform
  3. Say
  4. Nothing From You
  5. Into The Wild


Hailing from Oxfordshire, alternative rock outfit Field of Giants released their album “The Distance Between Us” on March 1st. The first track “The Distance Between Us All” starts off with dramatic building orchestral strings and introduces energetic drumming alongside bright synths and powerful guitar riffage. Clean singing vocals lay down melody that works with chunky progressive instrumentals to create a full scope of sound. With a strong sense of contrast between dark instrumentals and melodic vocals, Field of Giants creates an attractive sound. Clocking in at just under 7-minutes, “The Distance Between Us All” keeps the song interesting with complex song structure and an overall progressive yet intensely melodic sound.

The 2nd track “Transform” starts with a guitar intro that leads into thumping bass, powerful rhythm guitar chords, and ethereal synths. Field of Giants does an excellent job of creating strong vocal hooks and forming well-crafted soundscapes. Verging the lines between progressive rock and metal, Field of Giants creates a sound that fans of either genre will certainly enjoy. With a sound that seems to draw inspiration from bands like Incubus and Tool, Field of Giants creates a nostalgic yet completely modern style of music.

“Say” starts off with distant guitar and deep bass that builds excitement in tandem with explosive drumming and piano melodies. With a bright and symphonic intro of cinematic proportions, Field of Giants creates a masterful soundscape. With powerful use of juxtaposition between complex atmospheres and deliberately emptier sections, “Say” utilizes contrast excellently. With intense compositions filled with soaring melodies, passionate vocals, and electrifying instrumentals, “Say” is an undeniably attractive song.

“Nothing From You” starts with gentle clean guitar and piano that quickly bursts into dynamic guitar chords and a building hi-hats. The track shifts back into clean guitar and mellow singing, creating a dramatic change in energy. Field of Giants expertly creates ambient atmospheres that evoke strong emotional responses in listeners. With a catchy hard rock chorus, “Nothing From You” is a hard-hitting track that keeps a fresh and exciting sound despite having a longer runtime.

The Final track of the album “Into The Wild” starts with immersive low-tuned guitar riffage, building drums, and epic strings that launch into a fully fledged progressive metal section. Mixing powerful guitar leads with percussive muted strikes, Field of Giants utilizes technical musicianship to deliver their distinct sound. Taking its place as the heaviest track of the album “Into The Wild” is an upbeat and exciting close to the LP. With a more alternative and dark sound, Field of Giants displays a variety of sound across their 5-track album that keeps the 30 minutes of vibey atmospheres, progressive instrumentals, soaring vocals, and robust composition incredibly interesting.

Overall, Field of Giants creates a blend of alternative rock and progressive metal that unites fans of rock and metal with their unique and exciting sound. You can stream Field of Giants latest album “The Distance Between Us”

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