Song Review | "Fire" - pMad

Song Review | "Fire" - pMad
Spotify Cover: pMad

A Solo Project from Ireland, pMad blends multiple genres, with a list of influences that makes their music a unique and new concoction of sound. "Fire" uses dance beats, singing vocals, electric guitar, and elements of pop to create a distinct feeling in the song. With electronic drum beats like the claps, pMad builds up energy in a method that seems inspired by EDM and dubstep. "Fire" has mostly calm vocals so when they transition to more passionate singing it makes these pieces so much more powerful and impactful in the song.

pMad uses melodic synths to add to the atmosphere and increase the fullness of the track. "Fire" does an excellent job of building energy and then taking it away, creating a sense of tension and excitement for when the dynamic aspects of the song will kick back in. Fans of EDM, alternative/indie rock, and Pop will really enjoy pMad!

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