Song Review | "Hammer Down" - Friday Dies

Song Review | "Hammer Down" - Friday Dies
Spotify Cover - Hammer Down

Friday Dies released their latest single, "Hammer Down" on February 22. The track starts with bright lead guitar melodies that build alongside explosive drumming. Friday Dies bursts into shredding guitar-driven riffage with energetic drums filling in the songs atmosphere. Lofi-filtered spoken vocals take the forefront, working alongside electrifying guitar work and impactful drums to create a strong musical soundscape. With a dark and heavy-hitting metal sound, Friday Dies draws from a classic heavy metal and thrash sound with a distinct and modern spin on the style.

"Hammer Down" clocks in at just under 6 minutes and the song is kept varied with versatile soaring lead guitar, dramatic guitar chords, aggressive drumming, and powerful vocals that switch between spoken and singing techniques. Friday Dies creates a nostalgic yet personal style of heavy metal that fans of classic metal, thrash, psychedelic, and stoner metal genres will certainly enjoy! You can stream "Hammer Down" out everywhere now!

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