Song Review | "Hold Me Back" - Watersdeep

Song Review | "Hold Me Back" - Watersdeep
YouTube: Watersdeep

Washington D.C. pop-punk/Post Hardcore band Watersdeep just released their latest single, "Hold Me Back". The song starts with fast guitar chords and a high-pitched tremolo guitar melody. The heavy guitar is contrasted by spoken/sung pop-punk vocals that transition into a powerful chorus with more energetic vocals that alternate with screams. Watersdeep does an excellent job mixing pop-punk vocals and instrumentals with screaming and occasionally heavier instrumentals, blending a sense of melody and influences of heavy metal.

After an epic guitar solo a trap beat kicks in with orchestral strings layered behind it. This bridge builds into an unexpected breakdown with reverbed screams, guitar scrapes, and chugging. The intensely heavy breakdown fades the song out, showing the diverse musical style that Watersdeep is capable of creating. Fans of rock, pop-punk, and metalcore will really enjoy "Hold Me Back"!

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