Ice Nine Kills: The Horror Themed Metalcore Band

Ice Nine Kills: The Horror Themed Metalcore Band
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Ice Nine Kills Origins

Ice Nine Kills is a metalcore band that was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2000. They are known for their horror-themed lyrics and songs that are inspired by cult-classic horror movies. The band's theatrical and incredibly catchy choruses capture the vibe of specific horror films and have given them a unique fanbase that mixes horror and metal fans.

Ice Nine Kills History

Ice Nine Kills was formed in 2000 under their original name, Ice Nine. By 2002 the band recorded a demo "The Pop-Punk-Ska Years" which interestingly enough sounds nothing like the band that most people know today.

In 2006 the band officially changed their name to Ice Nine Kills with the release of their debut studio album "Last Chance to Make Amends".

2007 led to the release of their first EP which is still up on major streaming platforms, "The Burning". Under Red Blue Records, "The Burning" starts to display a sound closer to what we know Ice Nine Kills as today.

The band toured with national bands such as Paramore, until in 2009 lead singer Spencer Charnas was the only original member left in the band.

With the release of 2010 album, "Safe Is Just a Shadow", Ice Nine Kills started to fall into a more familiar metalcore sound with a heavy metal feel and dynamic choruses. The album received excellent feedback from outlets like Revolver Magazine and earned the rising act a spot on Warped Tour.

After receiving funding from Kickstarter, INK released their 5-song EP "The Predator" in July of 2013. Brutal metal riffage and screaming are contrasted by the band's anthemic choruses that set them apart.

A New Era

With the release of 2014 album "The Predator Becomes The Prey" Ice Nine Kills began to garner mainstream attention. Charting on Billboard Top 200 among multiple other charts, INK began to pick up an unstoppable momentum.

Earning mainstage slots at Warped Tour 2014, Ice Nine Kills started to become a name that was gathering lots of attention in the metal scene.

With the release of 2015 album "Every Trick In The Book" the band displayed new levels of production with piano ballads and a theatrical element that gave the band a distinctive sound. After signing to Fearless Records, Ice Nine Kills began touring in 2017 with Motionless in White and Chelsea Grin.

Refining Their Sound

In 2018, INK released their album "The Silver Scream" featuring 13 songs inspired by different classic horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jaws, and even Halloween.

With "The Silver Scream" the band received a new level of popularity, even placing on the Billboard Top 10 Albums Chart.

In 2021 "Welcome To Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2" was unleashed with a whopping 14 tracks. Furthering the band's theatrical elements and horror inspiration, the album creates a backstory that turns the band into its own self-directed horror story. With Hollywood-style music videos that have been known to be so gory they've been censored by YouTube, Ice Nine Kills has musical and visual creations that fans of metal and horror are sure to enjoy.

INK's latest single, "Meat & Greet" was released in October of 2023 and is based on Silence of The Lambs. Continuing to mix extreme metal with undeniably catchy vocal hooks, Ice Nine Kills has found a fun yet gruesome niche that sets them apart as unique.

What Comes Next?

Ice Nine Kills last original album was released in 2021 and we are excited to see what will come next from the band, The Silver Scream 3, or will they head somewhere completely new? Either way we are excited to see where Ice Nine Kills will go, and what horror movies they will feature on their next song.


With a compelling blend of modern metalcore, piano composures, theatrics, and production and horror references, Ice Nine Kills brings a sound that appeals to fans of metal and horror movies.

If you are new to Ice Nine Kills we recommend starting with "The Shower Scene" (based on Psycho) or "Hip To Be Scared" (American Psycho).

Hip To Be Scared - Ice Nine Kills

The Shower Scene - Ice Nine Kills

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