Song Review | "Kaivalya" - Glow

Song Review | "Kaivalya" - Glow
Glow - Spotify Cover

Melbourne, Australia's very own Glow released their 3rd ever single "Kaivalya" on February 11. The song starts with dark, ambient clean guitar before introducing lofi-filtered drums and aggressively chunky djent-inspired guitar riffage. Brutal screams, dynamic drumming, and rapid-paced instrumental runs work alongside each other to create an explosively heavy yet progressive atmosphere. The song's chorus features haunting singing with powerful screams alternating, creating a strong sense of contrast between the varying vocal styles.

Screeching guitar distortion leads into screaming and an electronic buildup before launching into a soul-crushing breakdown with down-tempo thall guitar chugging and intense growls. "Kaivalya" displays a sound that mixes genres like djent, metalcore, progressive metal, and thall. Australian band, Glow leaves us excited to see what comes next for the promising metal act. You can stream the latest single, "Kiavalya" out now!

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