Song Review | "Laniakea" - Terrestrial Animal

Song Review | "Laniakea" - Terrestrial Animal
Spotify Cover: Terrestrial Animal

Based out of North Carolina, Terrestrial Animal released their latest track "Laniakea" today! The band defines themselves as "post-rock with a focus on ambient soundscapes" and "Laniakea" is an excellent example of this idea. The song comes in at a whopping 15 minutes of experimental, atmospheric, instrumental melodies. The track has thumping bass, reverbed instrumentals, sliding guitar riffs, gentle drumming, and ambient synths to add to the atmosphere. Influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Gojira, and Deftones, Terrestrial Animal has a highly experimental and unique sound.

Distant synths and drawn-out fuzzy instrumentals give a distinct space-like sound that seems to be a theme throughout the song, with the name of the track being based on the supercluster that our galaxy is located in. As the listener delves deeper into the song, the energy picks up with instrumentals getting more dynamic and drums increasing in intensity and volume. Fans of experimental, progressive, and instrumental rock/metal will really enjoy "Laniakea"! You can check out Terrestrial Animals' latest song now!

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