Manhack Releases New Single Out Today!

Manhack Releases New Single Out Today!
Manhack: Band Photo

Atlanta Georgia band Manhack released their newest track "Hall Of Valiance" at 10 AM this morning. Manhack uses rapid, heavy-hitting guitar riffs in combination with low growls/screams and thudding drums to create a brutal sound. The song's chorus uses a unique atmospheric group chant. Thomas, the band's guitarist, had this to say about the production of the chorus:

"For Hall Of Valiance we did an open call on our social media for fans to submit their own shouts of the line "Hun Kaal Zoor", which is a "dragon shout" from the game Skyrim. We received 45 total fan submissions and used all of them!"

The group shouts give a powerful energy to the song's chorus that really makes it stand out. "Hall Of Valiance" overall is an excellent track that showcases Manhack's distinct flavor of metal. The song also has a music video with entertaining visuals that feature a custom-made dragon skull, anvils and hammers, and even custom septim coins (used in Skyrim) with the band's logo and lyrics engraved into them.

Manhack's extreme vocals, aggressive instrumental sound, and energetic pacing keep listeners hooked throughout the song's 4-and-a-half-minute length. Fans of Death Metal, Classic Metal, and Deathcore will definitely enjoy "Hall of Valiance"! You can stream Manhack's latest song now!

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