Melba Culp Unleashes Single "Faces of the Forest" and New Music Video

Melba Culp Unleashes Single "Faces of the Forest" and New Music Video
Melba Culp - Faces of the Forest (Cover)

Hailing from Austin, Texas, solo project by Jack McConnell Melba Culp released their newest single "Faces of the Forest" on June 28th. The band also announced their debut album "A Darkened Rose" which is set to release on September 6th.

Melba Culp is an act that melds hard rock and metal genres together with an emphasis on theatrical elements, ballad-like composure, and musical showmanship. Forming in 2015, Melba Culp released their debut song, "Never Surrender" in 2019, a speeding, thrash metal song that pays homage to all-time greats in the genre. With "Faces of the Forest" Jack McConnell shows a clear evolution of sound, new levels of theatrics, and stunning music production, that introduces a new sound for the act.

"Faces of the Forest" starts with a dramatic intro filled with bright guitar melodies, thumping bass lines, and building electronic elements. Melba Culp launches the listener into an introductory chorus before ripping it away and launching into powerful singing, dynamic guitar chords, and symphonic influences. With a classical sound that verges the line between rock and metal, Melba Culp reminds us of a more experimental Ghost. "Faces of the Forest" excellently balances melody, chaos, and intense metal breakdowns to create a unique and varied sound that continues to stay interesting.

Melba Culp establishes an ominous and evil vibe that is carried through instrumental and theatrical vocals masterfully. Soaring guitar solos display intricate musicianship while crushingly heavy rhythm guitar creates the backbone of the song's atmosphere. We love the rapid changes of musical style in Melba Culp's music - shifting between dramatic metal riffs, ballad-like sections, clean guitar ambience, and even an outro that features distorted carnival music that slowly fades out.

Fans of hard rock, metal, and theatrical metal bands are sure to enjoy Melba Culp's unique musical style. At just over 4 minutes, "Faces of the Forest" is an addictive track full of catchy melodies and expertly crafted instrumentals. You can stream Melba Culp's latest single, "Faces of the Forest" out on all streaming platforms now! Stay tuned for the band's debut studio album "A Darkened Rose" coming September 6th, 2024. You can watch Melba Culp's music video for the track here.

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