Memory of an Empire - Media Kit

Memory of an Empire - Media Kit
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Hailing from the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Memory of an Empire was forged in 2021. The metal duo unleashes a sound that mixes a multitude of metal genres like deathcore, metalcore, djent, and more. Memory of an Empire showcases a musical style that pays homage to classic metalcore, all while using modern production, songwriting, and the band's own distinctly brutal sound.

Memory of an Empire creates a fresh sound that appeals to every type of metal fan, delivering an exciting and varied style. Opening up for acts like Sleep Signals, Memory of an Empire is creating buzz and growing their name.

Latest Work:

The band's newest 2-track release "The Wonderer", is a crushingly heavy display of what Memory of an Empire has to offer - extreme metal at its finest. Thrashing drum beats, speeding riffs, and aggressive vocals create grooving rhythms that are expertly contrasted by dramatic breakdowns. Further refining and improving upon their craft, "The Wonderer" is a mindblowing display of Memory of an Empire's latest work.


Metalcore, Deathcore, Djent


Syke Throne - Vocals

Instrumentals - Matt Milligan




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The Metalverse:

“The Wanderer" takes the listener on a beautifully destructive journey full of blast beats, down-tempo breakdowns, and earth-shattering riffage. Balancing melodic elements with ferocious metal, Memory of an Empire creates lethal instrumentals and vocals that are contrasted by touches of melody.”