Nail Bite 3-Peats World’s Largest Battle Of The Bands

Nail Bite 3-Peats World’s Largest Battle Of The Bands
Nail Bite 3-Peats World's Largest Battle Of The Bands

Rising metal band Nail Bite 3-peats in one of the world's largest battle of the bands, this time winning a $10,000 prize.

Nail Bite features an energetic live performance and a unique sound that blends multiple genres with metal. The Pennsylvania metal act has gained significant traction from the major festivals that they have performed at. During Inkarceration 2022, we witnessed firsthand how Nail Bite packed the 3rd stage to capacity, forcing the festival to call for additional security from the main stage performance.

Quickly cementing themselves as a fan-favorite in the rising metal community, Nail Bite has entered into 5 worldwide battle of the bands competitions in the last 3 years and they have never placed lower than 2nd place! The two previous years have been with the well-known music organization DWP, while this year's competition was hosted by newcomers, However, these are far from your average battle of the band competitions. They start with over 10,000 bands from all across the globe and can take months to eliminate bands until there is one winner.

Achieving 1st place in a global unsigned band competition once is a feat but Nail Bite has shown their growing popularity with an impressive 3 international battle of the band competition wins! What baffles fans most is how Nail Bite managed to accomplish this in just 3 years of performing live.

The band formed during COVID and came out the gate swinging hard. With two small local shows in the books, they managed to make the most out of the diminishing pandemic by debuting at Blue Ridge Rock Fest as their third-ever live performance. At the time they were just teenagers in high school and even middle school, but that didn't stop them from gaining popularity very quickly.

Nail Bite would be named Unsigned Band of the Year by multiple renowned organizations and radio stations and also crowned "2021 Unsigned Band of the Year" in 3 other Countries. Following their electrifying performance at Blue Ridge Rock Fest, which ended up drawing just as big of a crowd as the national act Spiritbox, Nail Bite went on to deliver jaw-dropping performances at both Inkcarceration Fest 2022 and Louder than Life 2022.

Their performance stood out to many, with DWP, the same company that books Metallica and Slipknot, naming Nail Bite “Live Band of the Year”. Over the last 3 years, Nail Bite has picked up support and sponsorships from major companies in the music industry such as Blackcraft Cult, Parlor Rootbeer, American Musical Supply, Kids and Kreatures Clothing, and now Deadsled Coffee!

Nail Bite shows a promising and exciting future, having gained a snowballing reputation in the metal industry within just 3 years of forming. With an ever-growing catalog of music that mixes genres like pop, dubstep, lofi, weirdcore, and more with metal in an innovative fashion, Nail Bite creates a varied yet undeniably catchy selection of music. If you are a metal fan and you haven't heard of Nail Bite, you should certainly check them out.

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