Song Review | "Marrow" - Nature Pleads Revenge

Song Review | "Marrow" - Nature Pleads Revenge
Spotify Cover - Nature Pleads Revenge

Canadian metalcore/melodic death metal act, Nature Pleads Revenge unleashed their latest single, "Marrow" on May 31st. The track starts with a drawn-out, explosively heavy scream and rapid chugging and double bass drum patterns. Nature Pleads Revenge excellently utilizes ambient clean guitar leads in the background behind heavy-hitting instrumentals to create a stark sense of contrast. "Marrow" starts with an aggressive sound before switching back and forth between singing and screaming vocals, balancing melody and brutality.

After a bridge filled with a soaring, technical guitar solo, Nature Pleads Revenge launches into a breakdown with screeching dissonance and dramatic silences. Crushingly heavy guitar chugs are backed by slamming drum grooves and impactful cymbal hits, while violent screaming takes the lead to create an intensely heavy atmosphere. Nature Pleads Revenge blends metalcore singing choruses with heavier elements of death metal, while adding some old-school punk/emo flair. Fans of the aforementioned genres will certainly enjoy Nature Pleads Revenge's distinct musical style. You can stream "Marrow" out everywhere now!

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