Song Review | "NEON CREATURES" - Warriors of Light

Song Review | "NEON CREATURES" - Warriors of Light
Spotify Cover - Warriors of Light "Neon Creatures"

Warriors of Light describes themselves simply as "not of this world" and the band's visuals are a striking blend of futuristic street-wear and cyberpunk, creating a unique aesthetic. Warriors of Light's June 5th release "Neon Creatures" starts with upbeat electronic dance beats, booming guitar chugs, and death metal-inspired screaming and growling vocals. The band quickly establishes a futuristic, sci-fi sound that is expertly blended with aggressive modern metal.

Creating digitalized metal soundscapes, Warriors of Light displays an exciting and distinct musical style that blends the band's futuristic visual aesthetic with electronic music and heavy metal. With robotic vocal samples, Warriors of Light do an excellent job of creating powerfully themed atmospheres. Clocking in at just over 4 minutes, "Neon Creatures" is an energetic track that stands out from most other metal tracks we've heard, with Warriors of Light really taking the song in a creative direction.

Whether you are someone who enjoys electronic genres, heavy metal, or are looking for a hype futuristic soundtrack to blast, "Neon Creatures" has something for you. You can stream Warriors of Light's newest track, "Neon Creatures" out on all streaming Platforms now.

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