The Story of Nothing More

Nothing More has grown rapidly in the last few years and is said to sound like a modern mix of bands like System Of A Down and Incubus.

The Story of Nothing More
Album Art: Nothing More "Spirits"

What Genre is Nothing More?

Nothing More mixes Alternative and hard rock with progressive/heavy metal. Their older music tends to lean more towards alternative rock and later albums like, "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" and "Spirits" explore a more aggressive, metal-influenced sound. You can expect heavy-hitting riffs, electronic elements, and incredibly powerful hooks that create emotional choruses.

Nothing More's History

Nothing More was formed in 2003 and spent their early years recording and having multiple lineup changes, the most drastic being Johnny Hawkins changing from drummer to lead vocalist. The band recorded 3 albums between 2004 and 2009. In 2011 the band moved into a house together with the intention to create an album that matched the production quality of a national band with the finances of an unsigned band. Nothing More spent 3 years creating music and even started a well-performing Kickstarter that helped fund their project. When their 2014 self-titled album was released it caught the attention of record label Eleven Seven (now known as Better Noise Music) which has distributed bands such as Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Asking Alexandra and so many more. Eleven Seven signed Nothing More to a contract for 5 full-length albums after hearing the 2014 record.


After the band was signed they reached a popularity they had never seen before with their 2014 album featuring multiple songs that peaked in top 15 spots of rock and music charts. Nothing More started to tour and continue to spread their music as they were in the midst of creating their next album, "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" which was released in 2017. "Go To War" was the teaser single of the album and outperformed any of their other releases up until that point, leading to the song earning them 3 Grammy nominations and topping charts. In 2022 Nothing More released their most recent album, "Spirits". The album is a culmination of all of their past influences with even more metal elements. This is a great album with the highest production quality of their music yet, really showing off their new and unique flavor of music. The album even has a slower and heartfelt song, "YOU DONT KNOW WHAT LOVE MEANS" which really diversifies the overall sound of the LP. Nothing More's career is just beginning and we can look forward to many more years of live music and albums to come.

Musical Influences

Nothing More has listed influences such as System Of A Down, Incubus, and Killswitch Engage, showing just how diverse their sound can be with multiple genres blended together. The band's meaningful and deep lyrics create a sense of connection with listeners and have helped them become an incredibly popular band in the modern music scene.

Here is one of our favorite songs, "TIRED OF WINNING"

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