EP Review | "Purity" - Lenax

EP Review | "Purity" - Lenax
Purity EP Cover - Lenax


  1. Inversion
  2. Shrouded Sight
  3. Inner Dimension
  4. Beneath the Chapel
  5. Of Greater Forces


Lenax, a melodic black metal band hailing from Nashville, released their debut EP "Purity" in mid-October. The 5-song release is themed around the idea of humanity's primal urge for freedom. The band draws inspiration from Black Metal bands such as Dark Funeral, Watain, and Enslaved.

Starting off the track with immediately ominous undertones and drawn-out guitar chords with powerful lead guitar layering, "Inversion" starts with a strong buildup that suddenly launches into explosive blast beats and tremolo picking, setting an energetic tempo for the song. "Inversion" clocks in at just under 4 minutes and serves as a brutal welcome into Lenax's raw yet refined black metal style.

"Shrouded Sight" introduces itself with high guitar melodies that contrast the band's intense spoken and screaming vocals and low guitar chugging. Lenax does an excellent job of blending melody and black metal's heavy sound together in a package that creates an attractive yet fiercely powerful soundscape. With intricate instrumental riffage, rapid drumming, and robust vocals, "Shrouded Sight" displays the band's talent.

The 3rd track, "Inner Dimension" starts with dynamic pacing from the get-go, rapid tremolo chords and drum rolls build excitement in the listener and as vocals are introduced the song's atmosphere is filled satisfyingly. Layered screams and growls create a particularly brutal sound that stands out in juxtaposition to previous spoken vocal styles. At just under 5 minutes, "Inner Dimension" keeps a fresh sound switching between multiple vocal techniques and changing tempos in an explosive fashion.

"Beneath the Chapel" begins with a double bass drum beat before joining alongside some heavy-hitting guitar riffing and percussive vocals. With what seems to be a more traditional death metal influence compared to some of the previous tracks on "Purity", the 4th track of the album mixes up the sound of the EP while still staying true to Lenax's distinct sound. "Beneath the Chapel" unexpectedly transitions to clean guitar yet continues the EP's dark undertones, in a volatile switch the song launches back into screaming, lighting-paced drumming and distorted guitar tones.

The final track "Of Greater Forces" wastes no time and jumps directly into deep guitar riffage. Featuring local singer "Imperator Mortem" previously of the band Blaspherion, the track utilizes a distant vocal sound that sticks out from the rest of the EP. In addition to the new vocal elements, "Of Greater Forces" has a more raw sound than the rest of "Purity" so far but we think that is what makes the track so intensely brutal. With gutturals, screaming, and more, a versatile arsenal of vocals in addition to insanely fast blast beats and instrumental leads is shown. Technical guitar solos split up the song and add a splash of epicness to the track. With a feeling of ominous dread, "Of Greater Forces" accomplishes the classic black metal mood.

Overall "Purity" is a wonderful black metal EP that fans of the genre will definitely enjoy. With hints of death metal, the band has something for every fan of extreme metal. You can stream "Purity" now!

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