Song Review | "Rooted into Grudge" - Ekoa

Song Review | "Rooted into Grudge" - Ekoa
Spotify Cover: Ekoa

Modern metal from Poland, Ekoa released their song "Rooted into Grudge" on March 21st, 2022. Clocking in at 4 minutes, the track blends the sounds of many modern metal genres such as metalcore, progressive metal, and djent. Technical, heavy-hitting guitar riffage is used in combination with explosive drumming and brutal screaming vocals to create a powerful and energetic sound. "Rooted into Grudge" shows Ekoa's ability to use melodic vocal hooks as well as aggressive screams in a way that creates a distinct sense of variety.

The song's catchy chorus features multiple layers of vocals, adding to the well-crafted atmosphere. After seconds of silence "Rooted into Grudge" sneaks in a clean guitar outro, fading out the song on a relaxed note. Fans of metalcore, progressive genres, and death metal will highly enjoy Ekoa's sound! You can stream "Rooted into Grudge" and the band's debut 4-song EP "Chrysalis" now!

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