Ryder Releases Emotional Track "Lilan's Lullaby (Acoustic)"

Ryder Releases Emotional Track "Lilan's Lullaby (Acoustic)"
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Queens, New York rock outfit, Ryder, released an acoustic version of their song "Lilan's Lullaby" on April 20th. The band was formed in 2016 and typically has a classic rock/hard rock sound but their acoustic rendition of "Lilans Lullaby" is a new style for the band and shows a different side of their music. The track is bursting with emotion and beautiful instrumentals such as a violin, gentle acoustic guitar, and melodic singing vocals. With many background vocal tracks, a choir sound is made at points, adding a lot to the atmosphere and overall feeling of the song. Ryder does an excellent job of creating a powerful mood throughout the song and uses many layers of instrumentals and vocals to create a full sound that really allows the emotion of the song to seep through.

Listeners can connect through the deep lyrics of the song and relate in their own way to the track. If you are interested in learning more about the meaning of the song and Ryder you can check out their interview here.

Ryder draws influence from bands like Aerosmith and Black Sabbath, and fans of these bands will really enjoy Ryder's music. Overall, "Lilans Lullaby (Acoustic)" is a powerful song that hits you right in the feels, and shows a softer and more emotional side of the energetic rock band.

The band consists of members James Ryder (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Erik Unkrich (Bass), Billy Smith (Drums), and Andrew Bloch (Guitar). Their full-length album is coming May 12th to all streaming services so be sure to stay tuned and in the meantime check out "Lilans Lullaby (Acoustic)".

Lilans Lullaby Acoustic: YouTube

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