Song Review | "No Escape" - Sanity Syndrome

Song Review | "No Escape" - Sanity Syndrome
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Punk band, Sanity Syndrome released their debut EP "Shit's Fucked Up" in November. The opening track, "No Escape" starts off with ambient guitar screeches and dissonance before building with bass and launching into bright guitar and energetic drum work. Sanity Syndrome utilizes raw and eccentric vocal styles that mix punk-esque screams with classic death metal growls and gutturals. In an interesting blend of old-school punk and modern extreme metal vocal techniques, Sanity Syndrome creates a unique and fresh mixture of sound.

The contrast between the song's intense vocals and bright, dynamic instrumentals creates a fresh juxtaposition in the track, creating a distinct sound for the band. The 2 and a half minute punk anthem, keeps a galloping pace bursting with energy and rebellion. Fans of punk, death metal, and stoner rock/metal should give Sanity Syndrome a listen! Their new EP "Shit's Fucked Up" is out now!

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