Song Review | "Sickly Green and Deathly Gray" - Boarzoy

Song Review | "Sickly Green and Deathly Gray" - Boarzoy
Spotify Cover: Boarzoy

Boston-based metal outfit, Boarzoy, released their debut track "Sickly Green and Deathly Gray" on June 16th. Boarzoy describes themselves as a primal and boundary-pushing experience and they display this throughout their 3-minute track. "Sickly Green and Deathly Gray" starts with a long drum fill that bursts into energetic guitar riffs, crashing cymbals, and screamed vocals. Boarzoy keeps a thrash-reminiscent pace that keeps up listeners' excitement before taking away the vocals and adding in instrumental runs. When the vocals explode back into the mix it adds a sense of variation throughout the song and keeps the sound fresh.

Boarzoy even adds in sing/screamed vocals into the song in the last 20 seconds, changing up the sound even more. The band blends elements from death metal, punk, and thrash in their own unique style. "Sickly Green and Deathly Gray" shows an excellent debut of Boarzoy's sound and listeners can look forward to what is coming next from the band.

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