Snake Healer Signs to WormHoleDeath + Song Review

Snake Healer Signs to WormHoleDeath + Song Review
YouTube Cover: Snake Healer

American doom band, Snake Healer, signed with WormHoleDeath Records for the re-release of their studio EP "Oblatio" coming June 9th.

Snake Healer is a band rooted deeply in lore that leads all the way back to biblical tales. Snake Healer is a group of monks that dedicate their music to the "Serpent Lord" aka the snake from the Garden of Eden. The band preaches that a "paradise without free will is nothing but a prison" and believes the serpent to be a bringer of wisdom. Their music reflects upon this and intends to spread their message to fellow "children of knowledge".

The project's latest single, "In His Name", has a raw and ominous sound that places them in the doom/sludge genre. With a distant organ, haunting vocals, and low guitar chords, a distinct atmosphere is created. The vocals feature high melodic singing with low chanting layered underneath it, creating a dark, ritualistic feeling. Snake Healer does an excellent job of creating a powerful mood in their music through the use of many different instrumentals and vocal techniques. The nearly 4-minute song fades out slowly, ending with ambient noise fading into emptiness.

Fans of doom, sludge, and bands with lore/backstories will really enjoy Snake Healer and can look forward to their upcoming EP, "Oblatio" coming June 9th!

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