Song Review | “Plotting for Demise” - The Last King

Song Review | “Plotting for Demise” - The Last King
The Last King - Spotify Cover

Technical Deathcore act, The Last King, released their latest single “Plotting for Demise” on March 22nd. The track starts with a violent explosion of fierce growls, high guitar melodies, impactful drum fills, and dark rhythm guitar chords. The Last King does an excellent job of creating a brutal atmosphere through the use of double bass drumming, screeching guitar, and powerful screams. Bursting with energy,“Plotting for Demise” has varied pacing with thrash groove sections speeding up the tempo and creating a sense of contrast.

The Last King creates intense breakdowns with guitar pinch harmonics, emphasized extreme vocals, and crushing down-tempo brutality. With “Plotting for Demise”, The Last King displays a highly technical and equally heavy exhibition of sound that mixes nostalgic death metal with modern deathcore and cutting-edge production. There is something for every type of heavy metal fan - ferocious breakdowns, racing thrash sections, memorable riffage, and explosive vocals. Fans of deathcore, metalcore, death metal, and thrash will certainly enjoy The Last King’s intense metal style.

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