Song Review | Deadly Virtues - Living with Ghosts

Song Review | Deadly Virtues - Living with Ghosts
Spotify Cover - Deadly Virtues

Forged in Phoenix, Arizona, Deadly Virtues releases their latest single “Living with Ghosts” on November 26th of 2023. Starting with an ambient clean guitar intro and gently building hi-hats the song soon bursts into energetic drumming and soaring guitar leads. Transitioning back into reverbed clean guitar, Deadly Virtues introduces gentle singing before launching into an electrifying chorus with powerful vocals and dynamic guitar chords.

With a mix of a nostalgic metal sound and a fresh modern sound, Deadly Virtues creates a distinct and attractive style. Passionate sing-screaming adds high energy to the song and creates a strong sense of variety between gentler singing techniques. After a bright guitar solo, melodic guitar leads are backed up by dramatic orchestral synths that slowly fade out the track. As the debut of a softer side of Deadly Virtues, the band displays talent across a variety of styles of music and leaves us excited to see what comes next from the Arizona act. You can stream “Living with Ghosts” out now!

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