Song Review | Suffocating | Dynamorphic

Song Review | Suffocating | Dynamorphic

Reigning from Austin, Texas, Dynamorphic released “Suffocating” to YouTube on January 8th. The track starts with a cinematic sparkling effect and a powerful lead guitar build-up before introducing melodic vocals and dynamic guitar chord progressions. "Suffocating" launches into screams and brutal guitar chugs, giving the listener a taste of extreme metal before transitioning into melody-based singing and instrumentals. Energetic vocals are backed by soaring guitar leads and fast-paced thrashy riffs. Dynamorphic does an excellent job of creating a huge, anthemic chorus that creates a fierce energy shift.

In an intense bridge, "Suffocating" jumps into a guitar solo with distant vocal harmonies, before exploding into a final robust chorus. With an epic finale, Dynamorphic launches into screaming, ringing cymbals, a melodic bell sound, and a brutal breakdown beat. Fans of metalcore, melodic metal, and hard rock will enjoy the fresh and well-refined sound that Dynamorphic has formed!

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