Song Review | "These Ghosts Are You" - ERVSED

Song Review | "These Ghosts Are You" - ERVSED
Spotify Cover: ERVSED

California-based metalcore band ERVSED just released their second song, "These Ghosts Are You". The track starts with an electronic intro before kicking into heavy metal filled with screams, growls, and low guitar chugs. This transitions into a djent guitar riff, with fast and intricate runs, before building up into the song's chorus. ERVSED creates a huge metalcore chorus through the use of melodic singing, a powerful hook, and strong ambience to develop a satisfyingly full atmosphere.

Electronic influences are brought back stronger than before in the song's build-up/bridge with spoken vocals, piano, and a trap beat. The bridge does an outstanding job of building anticipation before exploding back into the chorus. "These Ghosts Are You" shifts into a fierce breakdown, that transitions to the build-up again before ending with a final chorus. Fans of deathcore and metalcore will really enjoy ERVSED.

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