Band of the Month: Strange Culture (March 2024)

Band of the Month: Strange Culture (March 2024)
Band of the Week - Strange Culture Cover

Emerging in 2023, Pennsylvania alternative metalcore act, Strange Culture, is our band of the week! The quartet blends ambient soundscapes, intensely heavy breakdowns, progressive instrumentals, and a mix of singing and screaming in a distinct style.

With their latest single “Looking Glass”, Strange Culture starts with an atmospheric intro that launches into chunky guitar chugs and raw screams. Dramatic synths and orchestral strings build gentle melodies behind the heavier elements. Strange Culture creates catchy choruses that add a powerful contrast of melody and intensity. With a switch to clean guitar in a progressive style, Strange Culture keeps their songs interesting with drastic transitions from one metal genre to another. “Looking Glass” ends with an anthemic chorus that bursts into a heavy djent-esque outro.

Overall, Strange Culture shows a promising display with a truly unique and diverse range of music styles. Fans of metalcore, progressive and alternative metal, and deathcore will definitely enjoy the sound that Strange Culture brings to the table.

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Honorable Mentions

2nd Place: Gone Cold

Gone Cold

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3rd Place: Sid Stratton

Sid Stratton

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Congratulations to our first band of the week, Strange Culture. If you would like to be featured as our next band of the week, head over to The Metalverse Facebook Group, we do polls every Monday and the bands with the most votes are featured across our website and social media!

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