Syndr Releases Brutal New Single "Cold Embrace"

Syndr Releases Brutal New Single "Cold Embrace"
Syndr - Cold Embrace (Cover)

Swedish death metal act, Syndr, was forged in 2024 and the band's second release "Cold Embrace" was unleashed upon the world on June 28th. "Cold Embrace" starts off with soaring guitar leads, booming drums, and dynamic rhythm guitar chords. Syndr introduces melancholy singing before quickly shifting to harsher screams, creating a balanced contrast between the two styles of vocals. "Cold Embrace" displays technical instrumentals that remind us of Death Metal acts like Gojira, with unconventional tempo shifts that create dramatic and memorable moments in their music. Syndr unexpectedly fades into ambient clean guitar before bursting into explosive chugging and distant singing. "Cold Embrace" rapidly transitions into technical double bass drumming patterns and racing guitar chugs that create an exciting and progressive technical metal sound.

Syndr creates a truly unique sound with their mix of classic death metal, progressive metal, and clean vocals - forming a sound that is distinct to the band and deeply attractive. Fans of technical death metal and all extreme metal genres will certainly enjoy Syndr's fresh take on the death metal style. The Swedish act leaves us excited to see what they create next, showing an overabundance of talent despite being so new. Syndr's latest single, "Cold Embrace" is out on all streaming platforms now!

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