Song Review | "The Beacon" - Eat the Earth

Song Review | "The Beacon" - Eat the Earth
Spotify Cover: Eat the Earth

Eat the Earth released their latest track, "The Beacon" on June 20th. Eat the Earth's song clocks in at just over 9 minutes. The instrumental band has a progressive rock/metal sound that merges styles from psychedelic and stoner genres. "The Beacon" starts with a gentle guitar tone that sets an atmospheric tone from the intro. Accompanying the clean guitar is a more distorted electric guitar and technical drumming.

"The Beacon" has a very progressive sound that uses multiple layers of bass and guitar work to create a pleasantly full atmosphere. Fans of Tool will definitely hear the inspiration in some of the riffs and highly enjoy Eat the Earth's work. "The Beacon" has an excellent sense of contrast, building up energetic soundscapes that are suddenly reduced to much less full atmospheres that then slowly build up again, making the sound so much more full. Fans of progressive rock and instrumental/psychedelic genres will love Eat the Earth.

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