Song Review | "The Blackened Fee" - Witchpit

Song Review | "The Blackened Fee" - Witchpit
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South Carolina 4-piece sludge metal band, Witchpit, released their 6-track album "The Weight of Death" in March of 2022. The second track off the LP "The Blackened Fee" starts off with deep and dark guitar chords, rolling drum fills, and building instrumental riffage. Witchpit bursts into electrifying guitar runs and raw and powerful vocals. Guitar trills and sliding notes create bright melodies alongside low and sludgy guitar chords. Clocking in at just under 8 minutes, "The Blackened Fee" takes the listener on a journey across a stygian soundscape filled with explosive screams and energetic guitar riffs.

Fans of sludge, stoner, and psychedelic rock and metal will certainly enjoy Witchpit's sound which carries elements from the aforementioned genres. With ominous and murky instrumental tones that work in unison with distinct screams, Witchpit creates a unique sound through their music. You can stream "The Blackened Fee" and its accompanying album "The Weight Of Death" out now!

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