The Story Of Lorna Shore: Bringing Deathcore to the Mainstream

The Story Of Lorna Shore: Bringing Deathcore to the Mainstream
The Story of Lorna Shore - Cover


Since 2021 Lorna Shore has blown up to levels previously unseen by most deathcore bands. Renowned for technical instrumentals, ridiculous breakdowns, and some of the nastiest vocals known to man, Lorna Shore has become a staple in the extreme metal scene.

Lorna Shore's History

Lorna Shore started in 2009 in New Jersey. The band released their debut EP "Triumph" in 2010 which is no longer available on streaming services. "Triumph" displayed the band's first sound which was a traditional metalcore style. The band began with a lineup including Tom Barber who eventually left to join another successful deathcore act, Chelsea Grin.

In 2012 Lorna Shore released another EP, "Bone Kingdom". The 5-song experience showed listener's a first look at Lorna Shore's deathcore sound. "Life of Fear" was the standout song from the EP with a funny cat remix of the track being made a few years later!

In 2013 Lorna Shore was back with a new EP, "Maleficium". The song "Godmaker" received a music video that has racked up 1.2 million streams to date on YouTube alone.

Record Deal and Album Releases

In 2015 Lorna Shore released their debut full-length album, "Psalms" with Density Records and production by Will Putney (Fit for an Autopsy Guitarist). The album featured Lorna Shores' distinct symphonic deathcore tone with technical instrumentals and brutal breakdowns.

Lorna Shore announced another record deal, this time with Outerloop Records before releasing their 2nd album "Flesh Coffin" in early 2017. Being the band's most successful album to date, Lorna Shore continued to cement their sound and grow their fanbase.

In 2018 Tom Barber announced that he would be leaving Lorna Shore to join Chelsea Grin, leading to CJ McCreery (previously of Signs of the Swarm) becoming the band's new vocalist. Due to controversy in relation to allegations of sexual misconduct from McCreery, he was fired from the band just 1 year after joining. Lorna Shore released their album "Immortal" in 2020 with Century Media, the album features McCreery's vocals despite him no longer being in the band.

The Introduction of Will Ramos

After the departure of their 2nd vocalist and with no remaining founding members, Lorna Shore hired vocalist Will Ramos (formerly of A Wake in Providence) to be a fill-in touring vocalist. After the Covid-19 shutdown, Lorna Shore released their single, "To the Hellfire" in 2021 and also confirmed that Will Ramos would be the latest addition to the band's lineup.

"To the Hellfire" reached unparalleled success for the band, going viral across social media platforms such as Tik Tok and even charting at number 4 on "Spotify's Viral Charts Top 10". The band landed features in Revolver Magazine and "To the Hellfire" earned critical acclaim. The song's over-the-top breakdown with pig-squealing vocals became a sensation that was impossible to escape for months after its release. Loudwire and many metal fans labeled it as "the best metal song of 2021".

Just a few months later Lorna Shore unleashed their 3-track EP, "...And I Return To Nothingness" featuring "To the Hellfire" and two new tracks with a similar blackened/symphonic deathcore sound.

Over the course of 2022, Lorna Shore released 5 singles, keeping consistent music releases to appease their massively grown fanbase. By October of 2022, the band released their most recent album, "Pain Remains". The 10-song album clocks in at just over an hour, containing a 3-song, 20-minute movement.

With "Pain Remains" Lorna Shore has refined their sound and created a truly unique album format that is not typical of deathcore. Connecting to listeners with emotional meaning and neck-demolishing breakdowns, Lorna Shore's latest work is truly a statement.

If you are looking for where to start when listening to Lorna Shore we recommend listening to "To the Hellfire" first then delving into "Pain Remains".

YouTube: Lorna Shore (To the Hellfire)

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