The Story of thrown: The Band Mixing Nu-Metal & Hardcore

thrown is a 4-piece metal band that started in 2021 out of Sweden. thrown is known for mixing genres like nu-metal, phonk, and trap with their main genres - hardcore and metalcore.

The Story of thrown: The Band Mixing Nu-Metal & Hardcore
The Story of thrown - Cover

When Did thrown Start?

thrown is a 4-piece metal band that started in 2021 out of Sweden. thrown is known for mixing genres like nu-metal, phonk, and trap with their main genres - hardcore and metalcore. In only 3 years, thrown has become a huge name that is experimenting with new sounds in extreme metal music.

Who Are The Members of thrown?

Marcus Lundqvist - Vocals

Buster Odeholm - Drums (Also of Vildhjarta & Humanity's Last Breath)

Johan Liljeblad - Guitar

Andreas Malm - Guitar

The Start of thrown

thrown emerged in 2021 with the announcement of their debut single "grayout" which was release via Arising Empire Records. The band's music is filled with heavy-hitting riffs, angry metalcore vocals, and instrumentals that are a mix between deathcore and hardcore. With the release of the 3-track EP "new low" in February of 2022, thrown's musical style seemed to bridge genres and was gaining some attention in the underground metal scene but wasn't quite breaking out of the underground scene.

Soon everything would change, by September of 2022 thrown was picking up steam after the release of "Extended Pain" a 5 song EP that debuted 2 new songs. The band skyrocketed from 25,000 Spotify monthly listeners to an impressive 500,000 over the course of about 5-months.

thrown was new, they were exciting, and they were violently heavy – the metal scene was loving it. Coasting into 2023 with their newfound popularity, thrown released 2 songs, "Guilt" and "on the verge". Up until "on the verge" thrown had been releasing short, brutally heavy songs that showcased an aggressive hardcore/metalcore style. With "on the verge" introduced a new element to their distinct sound, filtered "phonk" vocals. Phonk is a newer genre that takes inspiration from hip hop, trap, and 90's rap and often has a dark and distorted sound. Phonk hadn't been featured much in metal until this point and "on the verge" truly helped thrown to stand out and grow at an even faster caliper.

By the time the band released their next single "backfire" in February of 2024, thrown had amassed over 1 million monthly listeners, a massive milestone. "backfire" continued the band's uniquely heavy sound while adding more nu-metal, rap-influenced screaming vocals that create an intense yet flowing vocal style.

thrown's drummer/producer Buster Odeholm is also a member of the popular metal bands Humanity's Last Breath, and Vildhjarta, with a lineup of experienced musicians, thrown's rapid success begins to make sense.

thrown As We Know Them Today

By 2024 thrown was so prominent on the Spotify algorithm that metal communities would often make jokes about how when your playlist finished on Spotify that thrown would always start playing as the next recommended song.

Now sitting at over 1.5 million monthly listeners, thrown has been one of the fastest-growing metal bands with a comparable spike in listeners compared to metal's most listened-to band of last year, Sleep Token.

thrown's April single "nights" even made its way onto the Viral Top-50 in the US and Australia, showing the band's chart-topping draw.

On May 31st, thrown released their latest song "look at me" which starts with a lofi/trap beat that layers underneath hardcore. thrown continues to show experimental and creative influences that make them one of today's most unique hardcore/metalcore bands.

When Is thrown's New Album Coming Out?

thrown has officially announced their debut album "EXCESSIVE GUILT" will be released on August 30th, 2024. The 11-song album will feature 6 new songs and 5 songs that have been previously released.


  1. guilt
  2. backfire
  3. on the verge
  4. bitter friend
  5. nights
  6. look at me
  7. dislike
  8. ignored
  9. bloodsucker
  10. vent
  11. so done

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