Album Review | "Toonomicon" - The Angry Toons

Album Review | "Toonomicon" - The Angry Toons
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Track List

  1. Endless Scream
  2. Still Alive
  3. Renegade Retribution
  4. Big Bad Wolf
  5. Bat Out Of Hell
  6. I Don't Mean To Be A D!ck, But F-ck You
  7. Frankenstein #2
  8. Toon Raider
  9. Farrier Of The Swamp
  10. Sh!t Show
  11. Godzilla


The Angry Toons are a cartoon-themed metal band hailing from Oakland, California. The brand new 2023 project is formed by a 4-piece of seasoned musicians forming their new sound. The Angry Toons debut album, “Toonomicon” is available today!

Toonomicon begins with "Endless Scream" a lightning-paced track that has a dynamic sound that is bursting with energy. Frantic vocals, blast beats, and rapid riffage set the speedy tempo. Thumping bass adds to the atmosphere of the song and creates a powerful mood. The song shifts to jazz unexpectedly before bursting back into the thrash-influenced sound that the song establishes.

"Still Alive" comes in just over 5 minutes and has an overall slower and more intense sound than the first track, with high-pitched distorted guitar in the background adding a choppy effect. The slower tempo occasionally explodes into aggressive thrash that creates a strong sense of contrast.

At exactly 8 minutes, "Renegade Retribution" is a diverse track with a fresh sound from the rest of the album so far. The song starts with funky bass and jazz-styled brass instruments. After a 2 minute instrumental intro the track kicks in with soft, haunting vocals and builds up into distorted electric guitar and more energetic instrumentals. Chugging kicks in to create an intense classic metal sound. The song grows in tempo more and more, mixing thrash with the jazz influences from earlier in the track, before ending in a finale filled with brutal instrumentals and melodic brass.

"The Big Bad Wolf" has an ominous and creepy mood that tells the story of the Big Bad Wolf. Drawing from old folk tales, The Angry Toons create a metal storytelling anthem.  The song fades out with a sample that leads into the next song of the album excellently.

At 7-and-a-half minutes in length, "Bat Out Of Hell" acts as the middle point of the album. The song starts off slow with gentle vocals and instruments before blasting into racing drum beats, bass lines, and guitar riffage. "Bat Out Of Hell" has a start/stop structure making the slow/fast parts vary from each other more and stand out explicitly.

The 6th song of the album, "I Don't Mean To Be A D!ck, But F-ck You" is nearly 6 minutes long and starts off quickly. The track has intense buildups with ascending riffs and powerful screaming/singing vocals that lead into fast thrash rhythms.

Just under 5 minutes, "Frankenstein #2" starts with ominous laughing and a dark ambience that creates an unsettling atmosphere. The song picks up energy for a strong chorus filled with technical instrumental riffs and singing.

"Toon Raider" builds up at a slower pace before exploding into growls and a more intense sound. High guitar melodies and low bass runs complement each other and work together to fill in the background of the music. Unexpectedly the song bursts into a trap beat and rapping before transitioning back into The Angry Toons heavy metal sound.

"Ferrier Of The Swamp" starts with funky bass and a hi-hat buildup before throwing in vocals that eventually lead into heavy guitar work and powerful vocals. A chanting chorus creates a strong sense of energy and adds a lot to the song.

The 10th track, "Sh!t Show" is a 4-minute song that takes off from the start with rapid headbang-worthy thrash. Pulsating instrumentals and The Angry Toons distinct vocal style go to create a fierce atmosphere.

The final track "Godzilla" comes in just under 5 minutes and starts with a groovy, bass-filled intro. The sample-laden song is an excellent finisher to the album with a slower tempo that is still overflowing with energy. "Godzilla" slowly fades out and gradually ends The Angry Toons debut album, "Toonomicon".

Fans of classic metal, cartoons, thrash, and strong bass will enjoy The Angry Toons, check out their music below!

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