Top Breakdowns Pt. 3

Top Breakdowns Pt. 3
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Its time to dive into some more neck-destroying breakdowns, here is out list!

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YouTube: Motionless In White

Motionless In White - Slaughterhouse (feat Bryan Garris Of Knocked Loose)

Genre: Metalcore

Time Stamp: 3:15

One of Motionless In White's latest singles, "Slaughterhouse" features vocalist, Bryan Garris, of Knocked Loose. The song mixes Motionless In White's metalcore and synth-heavy sound with Knocked Loose's hardcore, raw vocals. This mixture creates a well-produced song with a strong chorus but that is also incredibly heavy. The track has an intense breakdown about 2:13 in but the part we are featuring is the outro breakdown. Guitar feedback is left screeching as Bryan Garris screams in an energetic buildup, finishing with "You won't survive in the slaughterhouse". This one-liner leads into an instrumental breakdown with intricate chugging and screeching/dissonance patterns that eventually has Garris's vocals kick in again to add even more energy.

YouTube: Killstreak

Killstreak - Nicole is Dead

Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore

Time Stamp: 3:12

Killstreak started in 2022 and has been growing rapidly due to their aggressive sound. Their 3rd single, "Nicole is Dead" is filled with squealing guitar riffs, chugging and extreme vocals, such as gutturals and fry screams. Killstreak even mixes in trap beats and 808 bass notes, creating unexpected variation. The song has multiple breakdowns but to us, one really stood out. A drawn-out scream is held before an air horn sound effect is played, exploding into a breakdown with powerful vocals, bass-boosted chugging, and ominous ambience. Killstreak is a band that is finding a lot of success and has serious potential, definitely keep an eye on them.

YouTube: Pathways

Pathways - Miserae

Genre: Progressive Metal/Metalcore

Time Stamp: 3:24

Pathways uses screamed vocals, chugging, double bass drum beats, and fast melodic solo guitar work to create a heavy yet progressive sound. "Miserae" features an iconic lead guitar riff that is used throughout much of the song and gives it so much character. Pathways create a catchy chorus that relieves tension and builds anticipation for the heavy parts again. A technical guitar solo leads into the iconic riff from earlier except now with a breakdown layered behind it. Double bass drumming and chugging add a whole new level and intensity to the riff, making a pleasing yet simultaneously heavy breakdown.

YouTube: Breakdown of Sanity

Breakdown of Sanity - From the Depths

Genre: Metalcore

Time Stamp: 3:02

Breakdown of Sanity's 2016 song "From the Depths" is full of screaming and strong guitar leads all heading towards a great breakdown. The tempo cuts, leading into a more typical breakdown before kicking into a catchy electronic bell run that completely takes over the breakdown. Layered underneath the main melody is chugging, double bass, and bending guitar notes, creating a full and heavy atmosphere. The combo of melody and breakdown beats makes an unmistakable sound, that will leave you hitting the replay button.

YouTube: Ov Sulfur

Ov Sulfur - The Burden Ov Faith

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 5:48

"The Burden Ov Faith" is nearly 7 minutes and features lots of blackened and symphonic elements along with haunting female vocals. Those elements bring melody into the track which is contrasted by chugging and extreme vocals. The song uses screeching guitar along with a whammy pedal to create some very unique guitar expression. The guitar whammy effect is brought back to build up the breakdown before kicking in even more dramatically when the breakdown hits. With chugging, choir effects, and tolling church bells, a very orchestral ambience is created in the background of the very heavy breakdown.

Electric Callboy - Tekkno Train

Genre: Electronicore / Metalcore

Time Stamp: 2:14

At first "Tekkno Train" doesn't sound like a song that would have a breakdown, but that's the beauty of Electric Callboy's music. The band mixes comical lyrics, dance/electronic music, soaring choruses, and metalcore/deathcore breakdowns. "Tekkno Train" features a catchy chorus and danceable music that unexpectedly gets incredibly heavy. The song has a unique bridge with a train public service announcement that leads into a breakdown where the vocalist growls, "CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO". Overall "Tekkno Train" is an incredibly creative song with a brutal breakdown.

What breakdown was your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know!

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