Top Breakdowns Pt. 2 + Our Playlist

Everyone loves an intense breakdown, and here at The Metalverse we are no different! Here are some of our favorite breakdowns to rock out to!

Top Breakdowns Pt. 2 + Our Playlist
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Everyone loves an intense breakdown, and here at The Metalverse we are no different! Here are some of our favorite breakdowns to rock out to!

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YouTube: Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence - No Pity for a Coward

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 2:24

Suicide Silence is one of the earliest deathcore bands that popularized the genre with their debut album, "The Cleansing" released in 2008. Suicide Silence has a ton of classic songs in the deathcore scene but one of our favorite breakdowns by the band is the one found throughout the song, "No Pity for a Coward". The breakdown features an iconic one-liner, "Pull the Trigger, Bitch". With intermittent chugging and double bass drum patterns, the song demands you to headbang. "No Pity for a Coward" even has a very catchy and memorable lead guitar solo that is icing on the cake. If you haven't heard of this song, it is a must-listen!

YouTube: We Butter The Bread With Butter

We Butter The Bread With Butter - 20 km/h

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 1:58

We Butter The Bread With Butter is a german deathcore band known for their use of electronic elements in their music. WBTBWB was founded in 2008 and is a 2-person project that mixes heavy metal with electronic influences, German/English lyrics, and comedy. The music video is filled with humor, featuring the vocalist with a helmet riding a scooter and lots of ridiculous scenes that show the lighthearted attitude of the band. "20 km/h" has an awesome breakdown that is simultaneously heavy and catchy through the use of rapid double bass drumming, guitar chugging, and synth runs. Overall this is a very creative track that doesn't try to fit in with the typical deathcore sound.

YouTube: Born of Osiris

Born of Osiris - Abstract Art

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Time Stamp: 1:45

Born of Osiris is a progressive band and "Abstract Art" is one of their most experimental tracks. The song, as you can guess from its name, is very abstract and is almost like multiple songs pieced together. Born of Osiris, melds together multiple completely different riffs and sounds, mixing in off-tempo and polyrhythmic sections. The breakdown about halfway through the song uses an ethnic-sounding synth that is accentuated by drum cymbal hits, and off-tempo chugging. "Abstract Art" is a really unique song that changes riffs and style regularly, if you haven't heard this one we highly recommend checking it out.

YouTube: Will Ramos

Recreant - Chelsea Grin (Cover by Will Ramos & Nik Nocturnal)

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 3:40

Chelsea Grin is another iconic deathcore band with tons of legendary breakdowns, but "Recreant" is one of their most recognizable. The cover of this song done by Will Ramos of Lorna Shore and the metal content creator Nik Nocturnal is fantastic, giving a modern feel to this classic. With multiple breakdowns "Recreant" is a brutal song that keeps an intensely heavy energy for the entirety of the track. Will Ramos is one of the most impressive modern extreme vocalists and throughout the song he displays this with fry screams, gutturals, pig squeals, and more. 15 years after the release of "Recreant" the Nik Nocturnal/Will Ramos brings a new life and energy to the track.

YouTube: Lorna Shore

Lorna Shore - Of the Abyss

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 2:58

There is no way that you can leave Lorna Shore off of any breakdown list. After their 2021 single, "To the Hellfire" Lorna Shore went viral on social media as it became a trend to try and imitate the pig squeals featured in the song.  This hype helped them really spread their music and bring deathcore further into the mainstream. You could pick any Lorna Shore song but today we picked "Of the Abyss". This song's breakdown kicks in with a guitar chug that sounds reminiscent of an 808 bass, a melodic guitar solo, and the signature rapid-fire double bass beats. The tempo drops again with ever more dramatic chugs and Will Ramos's gutturals. "Of the Abyss" then transitions back to their symphonic and orchestral chorus.

YouTube: Shadow of Intent

Shadow of Intent - The Heretic Prevails

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 3:18

"The Heretic Prevails" begins with a melodic piano intro that leads into the full band playing along with the riff. Shadow of Intent blends very catchy instrumentals and heavy instrumentals with extreme vocals. For most of the song, there is piano layering that creates a harmonic sound which really builds up the breakdown where the piano cuts out, and all sense of melody is taken away making it that much heavier. The piano then fades back in adding a stronger atmosphere to the later parts of the breakdown. "The Heretic Prevails" is a great song that blends harmony with deathcore and is a great song for long-time fans of extreme music and people that want to get into the genre.

Top Breakdowns - Spotify Playlist

Ready to rock out to even more breakdowns? Listen Here!

What are your favorite breakdowns? Have any recommendations? Let us know!

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